Team Preview - Class B South

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Section VI Preview
Class B South
"Pioneer Favorite to Repeat"
1. Pioneer
2. Eden
3. Olean
4. East Aurora
5. Dunkirk
6. Springville
Pioneer Panthers
Pioneer Panthers surprised last year winning league title with 7-2 record.  Jim Duprey returns 5 on offense and 7 on Defense.  Defense will be strength with All-WNY candidates Tony "Prime Time" Lock, Corey Vail and Mike Prevorse.  Offense to be sparked by Nate Woodruff, Ryan Miller, Vail and Kicker Tyler Wiedermann.  Line will be strong with Mike Prevorse who benches 315 lbs., Jr. Connor Johnson at 6'3, 300 and Dylan Eckert.  Play of QB to be key to season.  Lock recorded 102 Tackles as a Jr., and  is a tackling machine.  JV's are 12-4-0 past 2 seasons.  Open with Burgard and host East Aurora first 2 weeks.  Will be in Playoffs and is major contender for  League title.
Head Coach:  Jim Duprey (33-46-0, 9 years)
Assistant Coaches: Chris Edwards, Bill Pukalo, Ian Wienclawski, Frank Miga, and Dave Buncy
2010 Varsity Record:  7-2-0
Starters Returning:  Offense - 5, Defense - 7
Key Players:  Tony Lock, Corey Vail, Connor Johnson, Nate Woodruff, Mike Prevorse, Josh Cleveland, Nate Andres, Chris Shaw, Tyler Schloss, Dylan Eckert, Alex Davis, Tyler Wiedermann, Ryan Miller, Steve Andrzjewski
Key Losses:  Bill Asquith, Scott Fisher, Dylan Anna
2010 JV Record:  6-2-0
Eden Raiders
Chuck Tilleys' Raiders have compiled a 16-3-0 Varsity and 11-3-1 Jayvee Record past 2 years.  Return 4 starters on both sides of the ball.  Line is strength with 6'4, 275 Gavin Hunter, Tyler Baker 6' 325, Mitch Eck, 6'3, 270, and Brian Agle, 6', 265.  Offense to be sparked by Rick Krouse, Mitch Dobson and Brett Wilder.  Ryan John will anchor defense and is excellent kicker.  Host Pioneer in week 5 and play at Olean and East Aurora in weeks 4 and 5.  Will be in playoffs and contend for title.
Head Coach:  Chuck Tilley (86- 49- 0, 16 years)
Assistant Coaches: Lee Leavell, Dan Schlotterbeck
2010 Varsity Record:  7-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 4, Defense - 4
Key Players:  Mike Sarratori, Mitch Eck, Richard Krouse, Ryan John, Gavin Hunter, Tyler Baker, Brian Agle, Mitch Dobson, Brett Wilder, Matt Baily
Key Losses:  Kyle Zittle, Tyler Shaw
2010 JV Record:  4-2-1
Olean Huskies
Huskies look to rebound from a 2 win season, having five consecutive losing seasons. Offense to be strong with All-WNY candidate Maleke "The Jet" Fuentes, who rushed for 1000 yards at a Jr.  Pat Scholla, Tyler Plaud and Marcus Dwaileese.  Defense to be anchored by Creg Kahle, Roger Wangelin, Arthur Peterson, and Everett Parks.  Play Pioneer and East Aurora in Weeks 6 and 7.  Mike Kane and crew will compete for title.  Should be in playoffs.  Offense returns 7 starters, and defense return 8.  Fuentes is the real deal as the senior has 4.54 speed in the forty and is agile.  Should score 15 TDs.  QB Pat Scholla is excellent Athlete.
Head Coach:  Mike Kane (108-84-3, 22 years)
Assistant Coaches:  Steve Anastasia, Phil Vecchio, Steve Estes, Les DeGolier, Lou Ventura
2010 Varsity Record:  2-6-0
Starters Returning:  Offense - 7, Defense - 8
Key Players:  Maleke Fuentes, Greg Kahle, Everett Parks, Roger Wangelin, Kyle George, Arthur Peterson, Marcus Dwaileelbe, Tyler Plaud, Pat Scholla
Key Losses:  Tyler Gunsolus, Paul Pezzimenti
2010 JV Record:  2-5-1
East Aurora Blue Devils
Blue Devils returns 6 on offense and 8 on Defense Led by All-WNY candidates John Alston at LB, Lineman Calvin Namec, and TE Chris Bourne.  Other Key players will be JR. QB Alex Hebit, DJ Miller, Fred Glosser and 6'6 225 Soph Grant Haffedon.  Tim Wade has 20 Alumni playing Collegiate Football.  Concern is JV record of 2-13-1 past 2 seasons.  Open at East and Pioneer First 2 weeks and also travel to Lackawanna and Olean.  Will compete for playoff berth.  Blue Devils squad can't afford injuries as team will have only 22 players to start season.
Head Coach:  Tim Wade (36-26-0, 7 years)
Assistant Coaches: Jermey Ling, John Swingluch, Gary Vara
2010 Varsity Record:  3-5-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 9, Defense - 8
Key Players:  John Alston, Calvin Namec, Chris Bourne, Fred Glosser, Alec Hibiti, DJ Miller, Grant Haffedon, DJ Williams, Evan Horton, Craig Bargur, Manny Sadek
Key Losses:  Cody Kelso, Keegan Phalen, Jaycen Watts
2010 JV Record:  2-6-0
Dunkirk Marauders
Tim Majka returns 5 starters on both sides of the ball, led by All-WNY candidates Kyle Utegg, Kevin Holmes, Julian Richmond, and Zack Jankowski.  Other key players will be Ivan Soto, Bryan McCoy, Mike Donaldson, and Soph. lineman Dominic Hitchcock.  Have tough schedule particularly in first 4 contests against Silver Creek, Eden, East Aurora and Pioneer.  Will Be competitive,  Will miss Vinny Bomasuto, one of last years top Athletes in 3 sports.
Head Coach:  Tim Majka (11-12-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches:  Mario Muscarella, Jim Quinn, Steve Wright, Ryan Hall, and Kevin Vanderelde
2010 Varsity Record:  4-5-0
Starters Returning:  Offense - 5, Defense - 5
Key Players: Kyle Utegg, Ivan Soto, Kevin Holmes, Bryan McCoy, Mike Donaldson, Clayton Cleslewicz, Eddie Marshall, Julian Richmond, Zack Jankowski, Dominic Hitchcock
Key Losses:  Vinnie Bomasuto
2010 JV Record:  3-3-2
Springville Griffiths
Griffiths have only one victory in each of the past 2 seasons.  John Sopko returns 6 players on both sides of the ball.  Offense to be led by Matt Wolcott, Derrik Benz, and Cody Schweickert, while line will be anchored by All-WNY candidate 6'4, 275 lb, Troy Studd, Tyler Bursee and Jon Dygert.  Defense to be keyed by Studd and Benz.  Have away games at Pioneer, East Aurora, and Eden.  Will Improve.
Head Coach:  John Sopko (1-8-0, 1 year
Assistant Coaches: Rob Valenti
2010 Varsity Record:  1-8-0
Starters Returning:  Offense - 6, Defense - 6
Key Players: Cody Schweickert, Derrik Benz, Troy Studd, Matt Wolcott, Tyler Bursee, Joh Dygert, Evan Brand, Trent Stinson.
Key Losses:  Jason Forshee
2010 JV Record:  5-3-0
QB - Alec Hibit, East Aurora
QB - Matt Wolcott, Springville
RB - Nate Woodruff, Pioneer
RB - Maleke Fuentes, Olean
RB - Cody Schweickert, Sprinville
TE - Ryan John, Eden
WR - Fred Glosser, East Aurora
WR - Tyler Plaud, Olean
OL - Connor Johnson, Pioneer
OL - Everett Parks, Olean
OL - Troy Studd, Sprinville
OL - Gavin Hunter, Eden
OL - Tyler Baker, Eden
OL - Julian Richmond, Dunkirk
OL - Tyler Bursee, Springville
K - Ryan John, Eden
RS - Maleke Fuentes, Olean
DL - Mike Prevorse, Pioneer
DL - Kevin Holmes, Dunkirk
DL - Calvin Nemec, East Aurora
DL - Grant Haffedon, East Aurora
LB - Tony Lock, Pioneer
LB - John Alston, East Aurora
LB - Kyle Utegg, Dunkirk
LB - Corey Vail, Pioneer
LB - Greg Kahle, Olean
DB - Derrik Benz, Springville
DB - Patt Scholla, Olean
DB - Alex Davis, Pioneer
DB - Chris Bourne, East Aurora
DB - Rick Krouse, Eden
P- Tyler Wiedermann, Pioneer
RS - Mitch Dobson, Eden
John Alston, East Aurora
Maleke Fuentes, Olean
Gavin Hunter, Eden
Ryan John, Eden
Tony Lock, Pioneer
Mike Prevorse, Pioneer
Corey Vail, Pioneer
Olean, Pioneer
Pioneer, Eden
Eden is 16-3-0 past 2 years while JV's are 11-3-1.
Maleke Fuentes (RB) Olean Senior, rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2010.
Sprinville has fallen on hard times winning only 2 games in the past 2 years.
John Alston (LB), East Aurora Senior, is a tackling Machine.
Top Underclassman: Connor Johnson, Pioneer
Most Dangerous: Maleke Fuentes, Olean
East Aurora JV's are 2-13-1 last 2 seasons.
Pioneer JV's are 12-4-0 past 2 years.
Bellringers: Tony Lcok and Corey Vail, Pioneer, Linebackers
Last Season's Trench Trophy Winner: Dylan Anna- Pionner is at Alfred University
Don't be surprised if: Olean has a winning season and competes for a playoff berth.
Coach with most wins: Mike Kane, Olean
Top Academic Achiever: Matt Wolcott, Springville
Best Nickname: Corey "Rocky" Vail, Pioneer
Best Cheerleaders: Eden
Top Complex: Pioneer
Best Passer: Alec Hibit, East Aurora
Best Rusher: Maleke Fuentes, Olean
Top Wide Receiver: Fred Classer, East Aurora
Top Defensive Player: Tony Lock, Pioneer
Top Lineman: Mike Prevorse, Pioneer
Major Impact Player: John Alston, East Aurora
Team With Most Section Titles: Springville
Game Changer: Maleke Fuentes, Olean
Kyle Utegg, Zack Jankowski, Julian Richmond, and Kevin Holmes are 3 year Varsity players for Dunkirk
Name you'll get to know: Nate Andres, Pioneer (DE)
Biggest Question Mark: Who will replace Scott Fisher ast QB at Pioneer?
Fastest: Tyler Plaud, Olean
Strongest: Mike Prevorse, Pioneer
Biggest: Grant Haffedon, East Aurora
Forecast: Pioneer will have a tough defense and are the favorite to win league title, watch out for the Huskies to Challenge for Title
Top 5 College Prospects: John Alston - East Aurora, Gavin Hunter - Eden, Connor Johnson - Pioneer, Mike Prevorse - Pioneer, and Kyle Utegg - Dunkirk

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