Sex Abuse Arrest Leads to Animal Abuse Case

6:59 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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WARSAW, NY --- We've learned more information about the child sex abuse and animal cruelty charges a man is facing in Wyoming County.

23-year-old Robert Decarr was arrested by the state police yesterday for allegedly abusing three girls.

While they were at his home they found three emaciated puppies locked in a filthy cage without food.

Robert Decarr of Gainesville is accused of sexual abuse of three young girls.

2 of those incidents reportedly took place in May and the other allegedly happened 7 years ago.

When police arrived to arrest DeCarr at his home, they found something else just as disturbing.

3 sick puppies and a fourth puppy that had died in a crate on the front porch.

"We've been feeding them every four hours and they are doing very well," Animal Control Officer Justa Goodell said.

The three that survived are being nursed back to health at the Wyoming County Animal Shelter with their mother,who was also found on the property infested with fleas.

"You're a good girl, aren't you," Goodell said.

Wyoming County Dog Control Officer Justa Goodell responded and took custody of the animals for treatment.

"I don't believe anybody had fed them in a long time," Goodell said." They were just being eaten alive by fleas hundreds of fleas."

The puppies that now have a warm place to sleep have each gained about 2 pounds in 5 days.

They were described as emaciated and sick when found.

"Each had a cup of food a day and they were fed every four hours," Goodell said. "So I stayed the last couple nights here."

The discovery of the sick puppies leads to the arrest of 20-year old Thomas Hyde.

Hopes are better days are ahead for these puppies and their mom who want a warm loving home.

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