Kelly's Blog: My EZ Pass got a Workout

10:31 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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Last Friday, I went to Connecticut to see my family and go to the choir reunion I wrote about last week. I wasn't sure what the drive would be like. I became quite familiar with the 90 and my EZ Pass definitely got a workout! It was my first time driving back since moving here and the first chance I've had to go back since Thanksgiving. The drive was great! So much easier than the 2 hour drive from Little Rock to Memphis on I-40 where you get boxed in by tractor trailers. It's also a pretty drive, especially when you hit the Berkshires. I have a feeling I'll be making the drive many more times in the future.

I also had a great time reconnecting with friends Saturday at my choir reunion. From what I hear, rehearsal Sunday and Monday night's concert also were a success. I probably should have looked at my music more than once before going to Saturday's rehearsal, but considering I was singing with current students, people who still sing in choirs and music teachers, I think I did okay.

Now, I just have to remember to reload my EZ Pass.

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