A Bumper for Your Sticker: I Just Don't Get It

12:03 PM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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So I'm driving home the other day when I encounter one of those situations where you just have to shake your head. In front of me was a newer model dark sedan which appeared to be in nice shape - except for the message on the right rear panel. I was confronted with a certain raised digit from a clenched hand. Yeah you know the one - the fickle finger of "fury" we'll call it.

Now I'm not sure what the driver or owner is trying to say. I must admit I peeked over as I turned behind them and the man and woman inside appeared to be respectable-looking individuals (whatever that is.)

I was not offended by this but I just don't get it. Does this person feel they have been wronged by society in general or do they just think this is a cool way to offer their comment on the world's situation in general.

I have seen some other bumper stickers or signs posted to people's cars or windows and I have to admit that some of the snarky ones make me chuckle at times ( like "My Cocker Spaniel is smarter than your Honor Student") . But some do go a bit far in the presentation. Whatever... I guess people can present their message of choice to the world. Of course there is also karma...I would find it funny as well if the owner of that dark sedan would find him - herself pulled over by a very stern police officer or followed closely by some rather upset motorcycle gang members !



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