Friday Morning Mailbag: Week 4

3:19 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Another edition of Friday Morning Mailbag, the perfect compliment to your coffee or Friday Hangover. The Bills play the Ravens this week as Buffalo can get back to .500 with a W. Without further ado, let's take some questions.

From @LouTheLightman... Why are the Bills not throwing the ball down the field?

They are, the ball just isn't going to the receiver. EJ Manuel's biggest hurdle to climb right now is putting his throws where his receivers can make a play. Plain and simple. If the ball goes out of bounds, that doesn't even get them a chance. You gotta give em a chance.

From @vekster... Should we be concerned with EJ and all these way off target throws?

I'm not. He's played three NFL games. He's still adjusting to NFL speed, defensive pressure and where to put the ball when under that pressure. He came into practice early this week to simulate that type of pass, so he's clearly determined to improve in that department.

From @jaymacc63... Why did the Bills run the ball straight up the middle 30 times last game?

Well they only ran the ball 25 times, so there's that. But to answer sarcasm with truth, do you remember week 1 against the Pats? CJ Spiller kept trying to cut outside and went nowhere. He admitted after the game he was impatient in waiting for holes to open up. Better to run north-south than east-west to then go north-south.

From @CABillsFan... When are they going to figure out how to get CJ Spiller in space? A running back screen sometime this season would be nice.

I agree. Problem is, defenses are packing the box against the Bills. Throwing 8 guys in there to stop the run and force Manuel to beat them with his arm. It's worked in 2 out of 3 games so far. I think screen plays are great but if there are still 8 guys in the box, Spiller will have less room to roam regardless. Passing game has to click balance out the offense.

From @bucko619... So is it maybe time to revisit the strength and conditioning department?

The Bills have injuries but they are responsible for their own bodies. Strength and conditioning is there to help them with a regimen but they can only do so much. A lot of that responsibility falls on the players to stay in top shape.

From @Andrew__Carter 24... I would like to know the airspeed velocity of a Swallow. No preference on African or European.

I would like to know how that question got in here...

From @madcow251: If a wuss chops John Scott's legs with a stick & Scott falls, does he make a sound? #Sabres

First of all, hockey question. Sweet. Second of all, how the heck did Phil Kessel only get a 3 preseason game suspension for whacking John Scott? That's ludicrous. Now every NHL player is gonna go Paul Bunyon during the preseason so they don't have to play meaningless games. NHL set a terrible example but i cant say i'm surprised.

Lastly, from @EricNearBuffalo... What's your favorite breakfast cereal? #FridayMorningMailbag

Ah man good question. I'm not a big cereal guy but when I am, Honey Nut Cheerios or Frosted Shredded wheat and on Saturday mornings, frosted flakes. That or stale Flutie Flakes.

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