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Earn Extra Credit

Earn Extra Credit:

Share Artwork, Photos or Links! 

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This year we will reward schools who make an extra effort by allowing them to earn additional entries for the 2nd chance drawing.

There are three categories for “Extra Credit”…  Artwork, Photos & Links. Each school may earn 1 credit in each category for a total of 3 extra credits.

Here are some examples:

Photos –  Submit a photo using the form below showing the following:

  1. In school Weather Machine sign or display (as simple as your chalkboard or sign in a classroom.)
  2. A Weather Machine Sign in a public place  (such as your school billboard, electronic sign or sign at a business/office)
  3. A weather project or experiment completed by your class

Artwork – Mail in or drop off to WGRZ studios

  1. Draw a sign or poster for The Weather Machine
  2. Artwork made using Weather Words… the more creative the better!
  3. Send to:
    Weather Machine Extra Credit
    259 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14202

Website – Submit a link using the form below showing the following:

  1. A school website showing The Weather Machine Word of the Day.
  2. A school website that promotes the contest.    
  3. A school website that links to the contest

*If students are shown in a photo, legal releases must be supplied to Channel 2 for each student pictured in order to be shown on TV.  Photo and artwork submissions do not need to be shown on TV to qualify for Extra Credit.

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