Sports Drink Study

11:46 AM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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what do you use to hydrate your body when you exercise?maybe you sip water or a sports drink like gatorade... some rely on an energy drink to get their wings. but which one will fuel you to the finish line?  NBC's Monica Robins put them to the test.

we asked three men to run for an hour.

jeremy is drinking water, jeff using an energy drink, and kevin is hydrating with a sports drink.

monica robins: "by no means is this a scientific experiment. all of our runners are different heights and weights and their all running at their own pace... we're just trying to see who can run the farthest... fastest."

jeremy cruised through 8 miles on water alone.

jeremy verdi, drank water: "i liked water. the old staple worked pretty well for me."

kevin landis, drank sports drink: "but i think i could've gone a little further."

kevin pushed himself 7.7 miles replacing sodium and potassium with the sports drink.

kevin landis, drank sports drink: "for a half hour run, i don't think it's necessary, but if you're going to run a long way it's probably a good thing."

geoff weber, drank energy drink: "at about 35 minutes i was starting to think i was going to have to stop."

the energy drink zapped the energy out of geoff. the carbonation didn't sit well and the caffeine didn't help his performance of 7 and a half miles.

geoff weber, drank energy drink: "not great, for the pace that i ran and the miles and time i ran... i don't feel good at all."

the results don't surprise cleveland clinic dietitian kate patton.

kate patton, dietitian: "so if your exercising longer than an hour than drinking a sports drink is necessary in order to fuel yourself with some energy as well as replace the electrolytes that you're losing through sweat."

the same applies to shorter intense exercise. otherwise she advises stick to water, like jeremy.

jeremy verdi, drank water: "i felt pretty good throughout the whole run."

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