FDA proposed rule changes to make food safer

12:08 PM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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Fifteen percent of the food we eat -- including two-thirds of fruits and veggies -- come from abroad.

Yet the Food and Drug Administration is only able to inspect a handful of imported shipments.

Now the agency has proposed rules that should make the foreign food supply safer.

The new rules would make american companies, like Walmart and Cargill, be responsible for the quality of the food coming in from abroad.

Now the companies, and not the FDA, would have to make sure the foreign manufacturers have the same food safety measures in place as those in the united states.

The rules also make is possible to hire outside auditors to inspect foreign food facilities and check their records.

Experts at pew charitable trust say eight of the past nineteen multistate food outbreaks have been caused by imported food.

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