Product Test: Boom Tunes

5:25 AM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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Product Test: Boom Tunes

Today we have a neat product and a super cute tester. Stella tested a product years ago and when she saw the Boom Tunes, she wanted to know if it really worked. So, we took it to her and she was happy to help test it. You can buy the product at for $19.95, plus shipping.

The product is one of those electronics that helps you turn anything into a speaker. Just hook it up to your ipod and that's that.

The product worked just fine and our tester gave it two thumbs up. For Stella, the music is very important. She listens to music -- mainly Taylor Swift -- when getting her chemotherapy at Roswell. The 3rd grader is battling Leukemia.

Her dream is to sing with Taylor Swift.

We decided to do what we can to help! We'd love it if you can, too! Stella has made her own Facebook Page. Copy the link and tweet it to Taylor Swift! Who knows ... maybe Taylor will get in touch with Stella. How amazing would that be.

Here's what you need. Stella's FB Link:!/StellaLovesTaylorSwift --

And Taylor Swift's Twitter:

Thank you!








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