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12:17 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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When it comes to cameras and camcorders, there are lots of options. So before you do your holiday shopping, is out with its list of the best.

Starting with the top point-and-shoot: the cameras most of us carry in a pocket or purse. 2012's winner is the Nikon CoolPix P-7700. It costs around $500, but it's worth the price.

T.J. Donegan, Editor-In-Chief says, "This camera has a combination of zoom and low-light ability that we felt was really strong."

It also has a great grip. And a major selling point -- the rear articulating screen. "If it's really bright out, you can tilt the screen down away from the glare," says Donegan. "Also you can get shots, you know, holding the camera very high or very low."

Next -- the best value camcorder. The Panasonic HC-V700 easily won. At around $400 it's a steal.

Jeremy Stamas, Managing Editor says, "Its performance is that of a $1,000 camcorder, but you're getting it for half the price or even less than that."

Stamas says it's a bargain without sacrificing picture quality. "If you just want great video for your home movies or for recording sporting events or things like that, it's an excellent choice."

On to another excellent choice: for the best super zoom camera of the year. This one goes to the Canon SX50-HS. It will set you back around $479. But that gets you a 50-time zoom.

The image stabilization also got high marks, important to avoid blurry shots. It also has a large sensor, giving great picture quality.

Most still cameras also shoot video. And the "best of" title there goes to Panasonic's GH3. It starts at around $1,300 dollars for just the body.

Sounds like a lot but the experts say it outperformed cameras that cost much, much more. And it delivers a near-perfect pictures for both stills and video.

The pick for Camera of the Year: the Canon 1D X. It costs around $6,800 and the is lens sold separately. This one is for professionals, or very wealthy amateurs, and the capabilities too long to list.

The final winner for camcorder of the year goes to Sony's Handycam HDR-CX760V. Most sell for around $1,300. The experts say it's loaded with features and has 96 gigabites of internal memory, plus a giant lens, Full HD, progressive video, and a dial for manual controls.

Read more about the rankings from USA Today.

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