Unknown Stories of WNY: The Clement Mansion

9:45 AM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - It's hard to overlook, the stately headquarters of the Buffalo chapter of the American Red Cross.

The impressive stone mansion sits at the corner of Delaware Ave and Summer Street, a lasting tribute to the talents of architect E.B. Green.

The house was built in 1914 for $300,000. Stephen Clement was the president of the Marine Trust company at the time and he wanted his home to be truly unique.

They wanted it to resemble a Tudor castle.

The outside walls are grey sandstone, the interior walls are white limestone and the floors are marble.

Mr. Clement, however, never lived in the home. He passed away before it was complete. His widow carried on with the home and the Clement's benevolence. She started a summer camp in Angola for underprivileged children, donated the land for the parish house at Westminster Church on Delaware Avenue, but her largest gift was the home itself. Mrs. Clement donated it to the Red Cross in 1941.   

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