Clymer School Superintendent Murdered

3:35 PM, Sep 29, 2012   |    comments
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  • Anthony Robert Taglianetti, II

Buffalo, N.Y. - 2 On Your Side has learned the motive behind the murder of Clymer School Superintendent Keith Reed.

Two law enforcement sources tell Scott Brown that Reed was having an affair with the wife of the only suspect in the case, Anthony Robert Taglianetti.

A source tells us that Taglianetti found out about the affair last week.

This source tells us that Taglianetti apparently waited two days, and then drove up to Western New York from his home in Virginia to Clymer, arriving last Friday.

A second source tells us that once Taglianetti was in Clymer, he asked where he could find Reed.

Authorities say that Reed was shot three times Friday evening about 100 yards outside his house.

One of our sources tells us that after the murder, Taglianetti got back in his car and headed back home.

We're told that Reed's phone was found in Pennsylvania, which would have been on Taglianetti's route back to Virginia.

As to how police came to name Taglianetti as the suspect in the case - one of our sources tells us that once Taglianetti's wife learned of Reed's murder, she contacted authorities and told them that she believed it was her husband who had committed the crime.

One source tells us that when Taglianetti returned home from Clymer last Sunday he packed his car with camping equipment and other items needed for survival and took off. Taglianetti is an avid outdoorsman and former Marine.

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