South Buffalo Charter School Featured in TIME Magazine

11:47 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

BUFFALO, NY-- South Buffalo Charter School is getting national attention for its creative use of video on the internet.

The students and two of their teachers were featured in Time Magazine, for a series of creative and informative videos they write, produce and upload, that help make classroom learning more fun.

Their videos are shown on "School Tube" which is a scholastic version of YouTube.

"It always starts as an idea, it starts with a topic," said South Buffalo Charter School teacher Steven Pritchard.

"And what we then do is we create a script. We work with the students to have them put their ideas in and it's a great collaborative process," added Pritchard.

The South Buffalo Charter School videos are getting tens of thousands of hits.

"At first we just wanted the kids to get a little extra history and have some fun," said social studies teacher Brandon O'Connor.

"But as it went on, the whole school caught on and started watching and really loved it," he said.

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