Light Rail Avenger Breaks Up Fight With Sword

12:03 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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A Samurai savior pulled out his sword on a Metro light rail train earlier this month and stopped two men from beating a third, according to a video going viral on YouTube.

Phoenix police confirm they are seeking suspects in the bizarre events that took place on a train from Tempe to Phoenix at about 2 a.m. Oct. 13.

The video shows a black-clad man, his Samurai sword held aloft in an offensive position, stepping forward to stop a fight between a man in red and a man in black and white plaid who were kicking and punching a man in light blue.

The two attackers had backed the man in the light blue shirt into a corner by the door of the train, where he was cowering, the video shows.

The two attackers had their backs to the video camera and wore baseball hats. The man in the light blue shirt wore a white handkerchief on his head. All three were clad in blue jeans.

Meanwhile, people on the fairly full rail car were saying, "We got to get out, we got to get out."

As the train halted at the Central Avenue and Camelback Road stop, the sword savior continued advancing on the two attackers until they were outside the train, the video shows.

The man in the light blue shirt looked surprised when the Samurai train rider jumped to his defense, the video shows.

"Whoaaa," someone is heard exclaiming,

The victim said "thank you" but then grabbed for the weapon.

"Lay off," the Samurai swordsman said, the video shows.

The victim screamed expletives. "---- --- punks !'' he called, according to the video.

A man who who identified himself as Juan Vargas posted the video to YouTube, where it had received more than 337,000 views as of Sunday afternoon. Vargas posted it later in the day Oct. 13, but it began taking off Friday.

"This was ... 100% real," Vargas said in his YouTube post. "We did not know either the guys involved. Just random (expletive deleted) that happened at the end of our drunken night. We bar hopped in Tempe, rode the (light rail) to Phoenix."

Phoenix police said they have not located suspects. Valley Metro confirmed the incident occurred.

"We are currently investigating however no suspects have been located and it appears the individual with the sword was merely breaking up the fight," Phoenix police spokesman Steve Martos said Sunday.

Link to actual YouTube video

(Warning: There are expletives in the video.)

By Laurie Merrill and John Genovese,

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