Link Found Between Childhood Obesity and BPA

12:25 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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Just when you think this country's obesity problem can't get any worse: new numbers are out showing it is.

According to a new analysis of CDC numbers by the trust for america's health, more than half the people in 39-states will be obese by the year 2030.

2-thirds of americans are already overweight or obese; and the analysis shows that unless something changes, every state in the country will have an obesity rate above 44-percent in less than 20-years.

NBC's Erka Edwards reports on what could be a contributing factor to all this.

canned goods are often goto foods for busy parents trying to give a healthy meal on the table quickly.  but a chemical use to prevent corosion in the lining of canned goods and some plastics, called bpa, may be making children fat.

Dr. Leonardo Trasande, NYU school of medicine: "we were struck by the fact that, the association was so strong."

Dr. Leonardo Trasande of the ny school of medicine, led a study that found kids with the highest concentration of bps in their systems were twice as likely to be obese.

the effect was found only in white children and teens.

Dr. Leonardo Trasande, NYU school of medicine: "childhood obesity is definately, mostly the product of unhealthy diet and poor physical activity, but increasingly we're understanding that environmental chemicals also play a role."

the reports indicates obesity is a problem in every single state, though some communities are starting to take control of the issue by transforming school lunches, and building safe family friendly parks and other open spaces.

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