Do Multivitamins Really Help?

12:37 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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Here's a questions for you: what do multivitamins do for you? about half of all americans take one every day.

to investigate the answer... thousands of doctors were given one in a study, every day for years, in this case, because they had to pick the same brand, they were given centrum silver.

the results of what the potential health benefits of multivitamins could be... turned out to be surprising.

Some 40 per cent of Americans take a daily multivitamin pill --- its a multi million dollar a year business -- and the study out today offers strong evidence that the pill can reduce overall cancer risk-- at least for middle aged and older men

Researchers gave 15,000 male physicians 50 and older either a multivitamin or a placebo -- and after 11 years, those taking the daily vitamin had 8 per cent less cancer of several kinds.

Dr. J. Michael Gaziano Brigham and Womens: "This is the only study of a multivitamin testing whether a standard multivitamin taken over the long hall can prevent chronic diseases."

We've all heard that not smoking, exercising eating fresh fruits and vegetables and watching our weight can cut our cancer risk -- and there is lots of scientific evidence to back that up. But It turns out that the main reason so many doctors recommend multivitamins is to insure their patients get adequate nutrition.

Dr.Gaziano: "What has not been well studied and happens to be a reason that some people take these multivitamins is because they feel they might be preventing chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease."

In fact a lot of studies have found that high doses of individual vitamins do NOT reduce cancer risk.

But this latest research shows that a multi-vitamin -with recommended daily doses -- can actually help protect against cancer


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