Product Test: Kettle Corn Maker

9:13 AM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Product Test: Kettle Corn Maker

We bought the Nostalgia Electronics Electric Kettle Corn Maker at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $49.90.

It promises to help you make delicious kettle corn at home in a flash. Our tester, Megan thought it was a good idea. She tried it out and upon first impression she noticed it had a lot of parts.

It did work fine. Our tester added the oil, kernals, salt and sugar as directed. The product slowly turns the popping corn so it mixes all together. In the end, we found it tough to keep the product together which made tipping it out to pour it a bit tricky.

Our tester ended up giving the product one thumb up and one down. It did make good kettle corn, but wasn't easy, leaves a mess and costs nearly fifty bucks.


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