DWI Crackdown Causes DMV Backlog

7:45 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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BUFALO, NY - Nearly 18,000 licensed drivers who already have three or more alcohol-related convictions have been involved in at least one crash that injured or killed someone after those convictions.

With the New York State's crackdown on people convicted of alcohol and drug convictions and currently seeking to have their license reinstated, the DMV will review the person's entire driving record. A license will be permanently revoked if a person has five or more drug or alcohol related driving convictions in lifetime or three or more drug or alcohol related driving convictions and at least one serious driving offense in past 25 years.

Some offenders who have completed driver responsibility courses and paid fines are eligible to drive again, but they are finding the process longer to get their license reinstated. "The process will be a little longer, my guess is that this is a very serious law that has ramped up the consequences of drinking and driving, ramped up the discretion an the power the DMV has, but my guess is the one thing it did not do was increase staff, so most likely it's going to take a whole lot longer," said Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs.

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