Childhood Obesity Reversing?

10:17 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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there's some good news for a change tonight, about an american epidemic that's been taking a big toll on especially kids. tonight, there's some evidence we're seeing the first signs that the alarming trend of overweight kids... could be reversing course.
Here's NBC's Rehema Ellis' report.

The numbers are small but researchers say the drop in obesity rates among kids could be the start of a something big.

13.3 percent in Mississippi
5.5 percent in New York City
4.7 percent in Philadelphia and
1.1 percent in California

"we're seeing it all across the county, so it is a trend, not just in big cities but also small towns."

The biggest declines occurred among children from upper income versus lower income households.

"So why is this happening? researchers say decisions by policy makers in cities and schools over the past several years is starting to have an impact on what kids are eating."

Changes in school lunch menus -- Reducing fatty foods and sugary drinks AND adding more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

There's also been a push to change what kids eat OUTSIDE of school.

"Snacking is a big part of American culture children walk out of school in Philadelphia for 1.07 dollars they purchase 350 calories."

At a middle school in a Los Angeles suburb KIDS NAME says eating right is still a struggle

"its' really hard not to eat the good stuff like french fries but we know its for our own good."

Some parents say they're paying more attention.

"when I add desserts, it's mainly fruits because I know now at school they're giving a lot of fruit with their meal."

After decades of America's kids gaining weight now signs they're moving in the right direction.

Rehema Ellis, NBC News, New York.

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