Five Year Old Killed in Jamestown Sledding Accident

10:36 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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JAMESTOWN, NY -- The Jamestown police department says a 5-year-old girl was killed after a sledding accident Friday evening.

It happened just before 6 p.m.

Police say Isabella Stanford, of Jamestown, was sledding on a hill next to the road on Foote Avenue when her sled ended up in the road, where she was hit by a car.

She was taken to WCA Hospital, where she later died. Police say emergency crews got to the scene as fast they could.

"And when you factor in the fact that it's a 5-year-old child it becomes more difficult, a lot of us have our own children and therefore this is very, very challenging for us, with that in mind it's difficult to know what the family must be going through," said captain Robert Samuelson of Jamestown police. 


The investigation is still ongoing, but police say they do not expect to charge the driver. Police add that the driver had no time to react to Stanford being in the street.

Meantime, near the hill where three other children were sledding with Stanford, mementos are being laid there for the little girl. They include teddy bears, candles and flowers. Police say all four children are related.

Members of the community in Jamestown are also heartbroken.

Stanford was a student at M.J. Fletcher Elementary in Jamestown.  

The school's PTA president, Shannon Johnson wrote Two On Your Side this statement:

"I would personally like to offer my condolences in the tragic death of one of our students. I send my prayers and thoughts to all those involved. It is a heartbreaking event for the families, the school and the community. There are no words that will make any of this any less difficult. I am deeply saddened for each and every person affected by this," said Johnson.

She adds that the school is trying to arrange a ceremony for Stanford at the school some time next week.

Investigators are looking into whether there was any parental supervision of the children. Police say that the four children are between five and seven years old. 

"There has to be some level of supervision no matter where you live," said Samuelson.


Police nor the family have released a picture of the girl.


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