Paladino Says He Did Not Send Threatening Voice Message

11:52 AM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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Carl Paladino

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Two days after he was kicked out of a Buffalo School Board meeting, developer Carl Paladino left a voice message for a board member, who described the message as "disturbing."

Board Member Ralph Hernandez, who got the message, wouldn't elaborate on what it said and quickly turned it over to the school board attorney. A source tells 2 On Your Side the message was threatening in nature.

Paladino, who wouldn't talk directly with 2 On Your Side, spoke with Kristy Mazurek, the host of Channel 2's political program called "2 Sides."

According to Mazurek, Paladino told Hernandez, "I just said, 'Ralph, I believe you're not up to the job and should resign.'" He went on to say, "I don't want to expose your inabilities."

Paladino has been very critical of Hernandez for some time now, calling on him to resign due to his close relationship with BTF President Phil Rumore. Paladino is also calling on other board members to step down.

In a memo recently sent out to the board members, the media and others, Paladino called Hernandez "an inept embarrassment to the citizens of Buffalo who deserve much better."

2 On Your Side has learned there is a meeting scheduled for Wednesday when the board and its attorney will discuss the voice message and determine how to move forward.

Paladino was adamant that his message was not threatening.

He now plans to run for the Park District school board seat in the upcoming election in May.

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