Sweet Potato and Roast Turkey Gratin Recipe

12:47 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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A great way to repurpose leftovers!  This is an easy meal with slow releasing carbs and lean protein-A fantastic way to change up your usual lunch menu!

Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 45 minutes


6 tbsps macadamia nut oil

1 lb smoked turkey breast shredded

1-2 cups sweet potatoes or left over home fries (cooked and diced)

½ cup Colby jack cheese, shredded

1-2 cups egg substitute

Preheat oven to 400°F. Coat baking dish with olive oil cooking spray.

2.  Shred turkey into the backing dish.  Layer sweet potatoes on top.  Sprinkle with cheese.

3.  Mix ingredients gently with hands.  Sprinkle a little seasoning if desired, and pour egg substitute over the ingredients in the baking dish.  Mix again with your hands.

4.  Bake uncovered until top is golden brown in spots, about 20-25 minutes. Cool slightly and serve.

Tip from Binks:  To stay on track, go 2:1-In a meal, have 2 times the amount of protein for every carb you have.


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