Ella's Story

11:52 PM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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ORCHARD PARK, NY -- If you ever met five-year old Ella, you would likely never know that she is sick. She has been sick for years. Nathan and Jamie Wintringer have been pushing doctors for years to figure out just what was wrong. It has been a long and frustrating battle.

It is a battle that took the family to Strong Memorial in Rochester and to experts in Boston as well. After years of tests and procedures, Ella has finally been diagnosed. The adorable little girl has something called Colonic neuropathy pseudo obstruction. It is a very rare gastrointestinal disorder. Doctors have tried various medications and surgeries to help Ella, but nothing has worked. Ella can not have a bowel movement on her own. Her parents say they knew something was wrong when Ella was three and could not go to the bathroom, had severe gas and a build-up of fluid in her abdomen.

Ella's parents hope to help others by telling their little girl's story. They hope to urge parents to never give up in searching for help. They hope to also help others going through similar issues with their children.

Ella has much more in store since doctors have not figured out how to fix things just yet. The family is hoping you can help. They're asking that you contact our lawmakers and ask them to sponsor a bill that would help fund research for gastrointestinal disorders in children. You can find all of the information on Ella's Facebook page. You can also send your well wishes to Ella, too.

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