Turkish Riot Police Crack Down on Protestors

5:33 PM, Jun 16, 2013   |    comments
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ISTANBUL, TURKEY (NBC) - Police clashed with protesters today Saturday just hours after they raided Gezi Square to evict anti-government demonstrators.

Police fired tear gas canisters into back streets around the square for several hours to try to prevent crowds from regrouping, according to a witness.

Earlier in the day, police sealed off Taskim Square and cleared an anti-government protest that lasted for more than two weeks.

As news of the raid broke, thousands of people from other parts of Istanbul gathered and attempted to make their way to Taskim Square. Video shows riot police firing tear gas on a highway and bridge to prevent the protesters from reaching the area.

After the raid, protests broke out across the country.

Thousands gathered in Ankara and Inzmir to show solidarity with those evicted from Gezi Park.

Peaceful demonstrations started over government plans to redevelop the park.

Those turned into anti-government protests across the country after the prime minister made comments that demonstrators saw as authoritarian.


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