Worst WNY Roads: Goodrich Road Still A Problem

6:54 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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CLARENCE CENTER, N.Y. - There's a two-word sign on Goodrich Road with a very simple warning.


But you don't need the sign to tell you there's a problem. Just drive on it.

Or ask Tony Sojka.

"The tractor-trailers that come through," Sojka said, "shake the whole house when they hit the potholes."

Sojka has lived with his wife at the corner of Delaware and Goodrich for 26 years. Just beyond his lawn, the edge of the street has almost entirely deteriorated. Down the road, David and Eileen Leeds house their six grandchildren during the summer months, but the condition of the road means they're not allowed to ride their bikes beyond the lawn.

"They've got to fix it," David Leeds said. "No doubt about it."

That falls on Erie County. The road, which seems to get worse and worse as you travel north toward the Niagara County line, was targeted by County Executive Mark Poloncarz during his 2011 campaign. In a press release during the campaign, Poloncarz criticized incumbent Chris Collins for having "failed to address the rapidly deteriorating and often dangerous conditions of our roads and bridges." He said that Collins "refuses to fix them" and then published a YouTube video about the worst roads in the county. At the end of that video, Poloncarz travels to Goodrich Road and claims on camera the road is "not in good shape."

However, when Poloncarz released the county's 2013 schedule for roads projects in late May, Goodrich Road did not make the list.

"Other than the fact that they come patch the bigger holes, that's all that's been done," Sojka said. "I understand it'll be a costly operation but it needs to be done because it's become such a major road."

"The amount of traffic that has come up and down this road has increased dramatically since we moved here."

2 On Your Side contacted Poloncarz office, as well as the Public Works Department. A spokesperson for Poloncarz said he did not immediately have access to any information regarding any pending projects about Goodrich Road, but he said he would be able to obtain that information on Tuesday.

"It's just a shame," David Leets said. "It needs to happen soon."

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