Local "Biggest Loser" on the Right Track

10:40 AM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- A year after he spent a week at the local Biggest Loser resort at Beaver Hollow, Joe Gorgisi continues his weight loss journey with some incredible results.

Joe was about 500 lbs. and knew he had to address his weight. So last summer, he entered 2 On Your Side's contest for a week at the retreat, and he won.

In the year since, he's lost 100 lbs., although he knows that's just a start. He hopes to lose another 150 or 200 lbs.

Joe now works out about four days a week at House of Dunamis, a cross-fit style gym in Lockport.

Sam Sacco has been training Joe the entire time and says he's amazed by the progress Joe has made.

Joe says the support has been amazing, especially by his wife Julie, who is thrilled to see him more active in the lives of their children, 6-year-old Maggie and their youngest who isn't yet one!

You can watch Joe's inspirational weight-loss story by clicking on the video player.

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