$9 Energy-Saving Light Bulb Lasts 36 Years

6:36 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- If your summer A/C bill isn't enough to aggravate you, what you spend on power over the course of a year likely does. Today, I want to tackle energy savings head-on.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why an energy-saving LED bulb is preferable to an incandescent bulbs -- and even compact florescent (cfl) -- when it comes to energy consumption, but they almost never compete on price.

LED bulbs come on instantly, like an incandescent bulb, but don't have that long "warmup" time that compact florescent bulbs need. The problem is, they're by far the most expensive light bulbs on the market.

Polaroid entered the LED market several years ago and they've been making some of the best bulbs we've tested.

Here are the benefits:

• One bulb saves you $150 in its lifetime versus an incandescent bulb
• 1 Polaroid LED Bulb = 40 incandescent bulbs
• Reaches full brightness instantly, unlike cfl bulbs
• More durable than cfl and incandescent
• Contains no mercury (like cfl does)
• 15-year manufacturer warranty
• Use only 6 watts of energy per 40W incandescent equivalent (or 9-13 watt cfl equivalent)
• Has a 36-year lifespan

For a full comparison chart of the 3 major light bulb technologies, click this link: http://www.designrecycleinc.com/led%20comp%20chart.html

While I have not been able to prove the 36-year life span, I've been using Polaroid bulbs with perfect performance for more than three years. Today, for a very limited time, these bulbs are on sale and I expect a sellout. They are my top deal pick today and if you're looking for more deals, follow @MattGranite on Twitter.


43% off 5-pack of Polaroid energy-saving 40W equivalent LED bulbs
[43% off 5-pack of Polaroid energy-saving 40W equivalent LED bulbs]

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Happy savings!


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