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NYS Ed. Commissioner Gives Warning to Buffalo Schools

6:51 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The Buffalo Public School District is getting a stern warning from the New York State Education Commissioner to take corrective action over two failing high schools.

Commissioner John King sent a letter to school Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown this week denying the district a school improvement grant for East and Lafayette high schools.

- Read Commissioner King's Letter
- State Education Department's Report Card for East HS
- State Education Department's Report Card for Lafayette HS
- Find Report Cards for other schools
- State Education Department 2011-2012 Summary Report (Most Recent Available) 

King states in the letter that the district has not fully implemented the Educational Partnership Organization program with Johns Hopkins University that was designed to help improve the schools.

According to King, the graduation rates at the two high schools have plummeted to below 30 percent, and that the district needs to take action before the state closes both schools, and enrolls the students in "good standing" schools within the district.

King is requiring the district to resubmit a new plan for these schools by August 12, 2013.

He is directing the district to either enter into an agreement with Erie 1 BOCES, so that any student wanting to can enroll in a career and technical education program, or allow Erie 1 BOCES to take over the power and duties of both high schools.

Buffalo Schools Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown issued this statement Friday morning in response to the letter:

From: Superintendent Pamela C. Brown

We are looking forward to upcoming discussion with the State Department of Education in order to come to a conclusion about how to best achieve student success in East and Lafayette High.

Johns Hopkins, as our Educational Partnership Organization (EPO) has had strong involvement in these two schools since mid-year, and the District and school administrations and staff have worked hard to see that the Johns Hopkins model was well implemented.

Pending final results, I believe that our efforts since January have set the stage for positive achievement in both schools.

Finally, it is gratifying to have our SIG application for BEST School #6 approved. BEST has had the benefit of this strong partnership since September of 2012, and the results speak for themselves.

BEST is one of nine District schools deemed eligible for School Improvement Grant funding this year.


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