The Best (And Worst) Items To Buy In Bulk

2:20 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Today on Ways 2 Save, I want to flag some of my favorite items to buy in bulk, alongside the items to avoid.

It can be very tempting to buy 35 bottles of ketchup in one shot when they're on sale for 60% off, but aside from that cheapness, there is some caution.

Here are items to avoid buying in bulk (based on my findings and some experts who've weighed in for today's Ways 2 Save):

1) Soda
Why? Promotions can often be found at non-bulk stores and better deals often rotate toward the middle of month.

2) Condiments
Why? Unless you're a sharing these orders or splitting it amongst a huge household, they often expire before they can feasibly be consumed.

3) Bleach
Why? It degrades after 6 months so stocking up isn't always beneficial unless you do a ton of bleaching.

4) Brown Rice
Why? In most cases, it expires in 6 months compared to white rice, which can last up to 30 years!!

5) Beauty Products
Why? In most cases the shelf life is 6 months to one year and performance is greatly impacted upon expiration.


Below, you'll find a list of items that are not only great to buy in bulk, but the top deals for each category.

52% off 30 Duracell AA batteries + 10 AAA batteries + free shipping

Was: $39.99
Now: $18.98


Hundreds of items under $10 at GNC + $1 flat rate shipping

*Huge 2-day sale at GNC


80% off Rampage women's ankle socks 5-pack + $1.99 shipping

Was: $24.95
Now: $4.95


33% off Quilted Northern ultra plush double rolls (48 rolls) + free shipping

Was: $38.76
Now: $25.94

*$0.54 a roll with subscription that can be canceled at any time.


36% off 12-pack Bounty paper towels + free store pickup

Was: $10.99
Now: $6.99

*$4 lower than Wal-Mart


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