Buffalo Lighthouse to Become Tourist Attaction

4:45 PM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo Lighthouse at Coast Guard base.

BUFFALO, N.Y. - One of Buffalo's oldest structures could become a new attraction. The Buffalo Lighthouse at Lighthouse Point was built in 1833, and a local group is working to bring it back to its full potential.

The Buffalo Lighthouse Association has been restoring and protecting the Buffalo Lighthouse for 27 years. The group is made up entirely of volunteers that have worked to preserve the heritage of the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse sits on a Coast Guard base on the Buffalo Harbor. The Buffalo Lighthouse Association used to lead tours of the lighthouse regularly, but because of security restrictions after 9-11 they had to stop.

Now the group is trying to transform the lighthouse back into a waterfront attraction that people can visit and tour once again.

Mike Vogel, President of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association, believes that people will be really interested in visiting the lighthouse since it's such an integral part of Buffalo history. The lighthouse can even be seen on the city's seal.

"We have a structure that's iconic; it's of very deep historic significance to the city, and a definite public attraction. People are drawn to lighthouses, they're drawn to the idea of land and water, there's a little bit of magic in that and we hope to enhance the visitor experience to the Buffalo Harbor,"

In honor of National Lighthouse day on Aug. 7, the group is going to be holding a lighthouse festival on Saturday, Aug. 10. Visitors will be able to go the coast guard base and sign up for a tour of the lighthouse. During their visit, people will also be able to learn about the lighthouse's history and take in some spectacular views of the lake.

If you are interested in volunteering, the Buffalo Lighthouse Association is holding a training session later this summer. The group needs all kinds of help- from leading tours to handing out pamphlets. For more information, you can email Mike Vogel at bufkeeper@gmail.com.

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