Lockport Native Competes on NBC's Million Second Quiz

11:00 PM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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Brandon O'Brien in the Money Chair on The Million Second Quiz

New York, NY - A Western New York native enjoyed a few seconds of fame on NBC's The Million Second Quiz.
Brandon O'Brien from Lockport finished out Monday night's episode.

Brandon explains, "It was a gorgeous night in New York City. The breeze was blowing. You got plenty of fresh air. The atmosphere in the crowd and it was just more of an exciting feeling than anything else."

He says he set a series of small goals for himself. Go to New York City.  Play in Primetime.  Sit in the money chair.

After the show went off the air, Brandon took over the money chair, but he did not stay there long.   Still, he says it was worth it for the experience. Brandon says, "As soon as I got into the money chair, I literally soaked in the moment. The skyline, of course, you have the empire state building behind you and I just soaked it in the hourglass, Ryan Seacrest, the audience, the cameras, and I said look, there's nobody else in the money chair right now, but me and I own it and that was my moment."

Brandon found out about the show through a casting website. After filling out applications and interviewing on Skype and by phone, he was chosen to go to New York City. While most contestants actually play below the hourglass in an alternate set and try to accumulate as much money as possible to get onto the primetime show, Brandon says he and a few others got the star treatment. Still, only the line jumper knew they would be on for sure.

Brandon has been on game shows before. This time he hoped his Western New York roots would beat out the competition when he heard this question,
"Which NHL Hockey team had won the most Stanley Cups with 24. And growing up in Buffalo, big Sabres fan. You know a lot of hockey history, and the answer was the Montreal Canadiens. I was hoping he didn't know that, but he did."

Brandon will return to his day job as a radio personality on a country station in Virginia.

As for the Million Second Quiz, contestants continue to play around the clock hoping to be the person in the money chair and win when the million seconds come to an end on Thursday night.

Brandon O'Brien leaves with an unforgettable experience. "I just wanted to get in that money chair, and then whatever happens happens. No, I'm not disappointed because the entire experience was so much fun."

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