National Writers, Bloggers Descend on Niagara Falls

6:39 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY - As Gov. Cuomo was making a trip to Niagara Falls Thursday to speak in detail about the Hamister Hotel project, a group of travel writers and bloggers were heading east - away from the falls.

They were going to Lockport, to begin a three day tour of Niagara County and Niagara Falls attractions.

And first up, was the Lockport Locks.

For the rest of the week, editors and writers from newspapers like USA Today, the New York Times and LA Times will be touring the falls and the county.

They'll be writing, blogging and tweeting about their trip, which Niagara USA has funded.

"I'm tweeting now that we're on the U.S. side of Niagara, because we want to see what this area has to offer," said Chelsea Day, a San Diego blogger.

There's also about a dozen bloggers part of the trip from cities across the country like Salt Lake City and New York City. They're all over social media, talking about what they're doing.

"I'm multi-tasking, I'm like super multi-tasking, I'm typing and talking, posting and eating at the same time," said Tawanna Browne Smith, a Maryland blogger.

Many of the writers haven't been here and are looking forward to seeing main attractions like the Cave of the Winds and the Journey Behind the Falls.

Thursday we caught up to the group in Lockport, at a local gem called, Sweet Sixteen Cafe.

"I'm always posting pictures of something, posting pictures of food at the location at the destination because that's what draws readers in a lot of times, they want to know that part of the culture," said Smith.

Veronica Stoddart, the editor-in-chief for USA Today's Travel Section said, "it's going to give a great boost to tourism here because everyone's going to go back and write about the destination and all these various mediums and outlets big newspapers and big websites, to the small, what we call mommy bloggers or family bloggers."

The bloggers write about different issues, like family, travel destinations and travel deals. And this gets the attention of their readers and boosts interest for tourists to come here.

Stoddart adds that most of the writers from national publications are looking to see what's new in the falls.

In total, Niagara USA says it'll have people from 45 media outlets from across the country in the falls this week. And Niagara USA says this gives them a boost at the very least to their web traffic.

"And we're sure that the publicity that they generate is going to just be priceless and we're looking forward to hosting them and showcasing what we have here," said Michelle Blackley, the communications manager at Niagara USA.


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