No New Toll Booth For Williamsville

2:40 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y.-Many Williamsville residents have been pushing for a toll plaza near them to be relocated because of the traffic back ups the tolls cause and pollution due to congestion.

Those changes however will not be happening anytime soon.

The Thruway Authority's executive director told Williamsville's mayor he doesn't plan on building a new toll both until the new toll collection system is changed statewide.

Their idea is out of the future, a high speed sensory system will collect and keep track of payments automatically as vehicles drive thru - instead of a person at the toll booth.

"What's happening on their end of things, is they're headed to this automated system and come to the decision that we're not going to invest in old toll technology. That's great in a way but we still want the thing east of Transit Road," said Williamsville mayor Brian Kulpa.

The Thruway Authority is considering short term solutions that could happen in the next year or two to ease congestion, such as lane improvements.

The Village of Williamsville is asking the improvements reduce wait time for commuters by at least 90-percent during peak hours.

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