Americans See Impact of Federal Shutdown

12:15 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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NEW YORK (AP) - The partial government shutdown that began today is throwing the household finances of some federal workers into turmoil -- not just in the Washington area, but around the country.

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Darquez Smith is a park ranger in Dayton, Ohio, and he's about to become a father. He says he already lives paycheck-to-paycheck while putting himself through college, and he's worried about what he'll do if the checks stop coming.

A building mechanic at a Smithsonian museum in Washington, Robert Turner, is headed to the Maryland shore until he's called back. He says if he's not back to work by the end of next week, he'll have to find a job, since he doesn't want to eat into savings.

Across the country, the impact of the shutdown is immediate and far-reaching for some Americans, but minimal for others.

In Colorado, where flooding killed eight people earlier this month, the emergency money to help rebuild homes and businesses will continue to flow -- but federal worker furloughs could slow it down.

Even programs that aren't immediately affected could run out of cash if the shutdown drags on. The head of the Ohio Head Start Association says the preschool learning programs will be in jeopardy if a shutdown lasts more than two weeks.

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