Dad Upset About What Daughter Saw at School

6:28 PM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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HAMBURG, NY - A Hamburg dad is outraged after his 13-year-old daughter came home and told him her teacher showed clips from R-rated horror movies in class.

Wednesday night, that father spoke in front of the Hamburg School Board demanding answers.

Terry Dunford is the father of three Hamburg Middle School students, and he would never allow them to watch the movie "The Shining." But last week, his 13-year-old daughter came home from school and told him her special education teacher showed her class clips from several R-rated films.

"The Shining with Jack Nicholson where he jams a knife into a door while he terrorizes a child, Child's Play with Chucky, the character which later in the movie goes around murdering people," explained Dunford.

Dunford immediately contacted school administrators who told him the films are part of a Scholastic curriculum used by the district. This lesson plan, Dunford is told, is used to show how sights and sounds can generate fear.

Dunford says the teacher even took it a step further and showed the murder scene from "Psycho."

"It appalls me that a professional would make that kind of decision to show inappropriate material to my child or any child. I am disgusted by this action," says Dunford.

But, after this concerned father finished speaking Wednesday night, the board ended the meeting without talking about it.

School board members refused to be interviewed by Channel 2 about Dunford's concerns.

"It's involving personnel, so I'm not gonna speak on camera," said one board member.

Another board member said off camera that she is still afraid of "Psycho" after seeing it when she was young.

"Do you think there should be disciplinary action taken against the teacher?" asked Channel 2's Kelly Dudzik.

"I think there should be consequences for wrongful actions. We all make mistakes. I get that. This was a really bad one," says Dunford.

Dunford just hopes three things come out of this: he wants a letter to go home to parents, a letter to go to Scholastic and he would like the board to take a closer look at what is being taught in school.

"My child is 13, has a difficult time communicating because she's been delayed, and came home and she was terrified. And, for me as a parent, it hurts me," says Dunford.

The interim superintendent was not at Wednesday night's meeting. Board members told us off camera that this will be a top priority and they will take some sort of action.

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