Hoskins Sentenced to 3 Years Probation

7:05 PM, Nov 1, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- Beth Hoskins stood before the Aurora Town Justice in court Thursday while he read her sentence that included 3 years of probation and 500 hours of community service. Hoskins will have to pay over $52,000 in fines.

2 on your side asked Hoskins if she thinks the sentencing is fair. "Given the enormity of the case and everything else at play, yes I do," Hoskins said. 2 on your side asked is Hoskins plans on appealing. "You'd have to ask my attorney."

Hoskins attorney did not give us a yes or no answer. But this case has been dragging on and has been described as one of the longest and strangest in Erie County.It started back in March of 2010 when the SPCA removed 73 horses, 53 cats, and four dogs -- during a raid from Hoskins home and barns.

During the sentencing the prosecution called for the Town Justice to sentence Hoskins to two years in jail.

Arguing there's evidence the animals suffered for a long period of time, explaining some horses were found malnourished and clinically dehydrated.

"My experts did not believe it was a crime," Hoskins said. "But I do think that it was a shame and it's never how I want my farm to be ever," Hoskins said.

The defense argues Hoskins loves her animals and at the time, did not have enough help.

"We had three of the best experts in the world say there wasn't animal cruelty in this case," Attorney Tom Eoannou said.

The trial so far has cost Hoskins about a million dollars and it has cost the SPCA 1.3 million dollars for the care of Hoskins horses.

"It's not fair to our donors, but more than that - it's not fair to the other animals in our care who needs us every single day," Barbara Carr said."While we spend money taking care of the defendants horses -- the most prolific animal abuser in Erie County history, is what I believe was said in court today."

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