Blog: They Really Do Care

10:20 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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Recently I had the opportunity to present a session of the Media Day of the Western New York Student Press Association at SUNY Fredonia. This is a gathering of student journalists from local high schools in the region.

I thought I was all set to go with my power point presentation on some of the images from the Boston Marathon Bombing coverage. I wanted to discuss their perception of the media images and the reporting of the past two days since the attacks had occurred. But of course I was thwarted as Macs don't always talk to PC systems. So I just had to ad-lib my comments and I expected some of the students would just tune out. That has actually happened in the past where some students don't really seem that interested and I had failed to properly engage them. 

But I really must commend these students from Brocton, Fredonia, Lockport, Orchard Park, and elsewhere. They really were extremely thoughtful in their comments and responses to questions that I asked of them. And they really gave me some things to think about as well as we continue to provide the latest information we get from this developing story. Issues like privacy, accuracy, and how can we best present information without causing undue alarm. I appreciate their insight and time with me.  

It really gives me quite a bit of renewed hope for the future that upcoming generations are not just zoned out on current events. They really do care. I hope some of these young men and women who I met decided to follow journalism as a career path. Whatever they decide to do in the future, I take comfort in knowing there are indeed bright young minds out there.  




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