Party On The Potty & Nobody Wants To Go!

9:10 AM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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Party On The Potty and nobody wants to go!

It is difficult - no wait - impossible to believe that my baby girl is turning two years old this month. It flew by. Seriously. She's getting so big and so fun!  She is learning new things everyday... and right now, we are in the process of potty training - the very, very beginning of the process.  Actually, that is not quite true. I wouldn't even call it a process yet. We basically have the potty chair.

And ... wow, times have changed since I potty trained my older girls - who are 17 and 18 now!!  I mean, we certainly didn't have a potty chair that actually makes a flushing sound! I'm not kidding. It's kinda cool.


Don't get me wrong... I'm not in any big hurry... I know, Emma is still very young and we have plenty of time. Plus, I would like to keep her a baby for a bit longer. Despite her wishes. She prefers being a big girl! She's pretty darn smart, too. She knows her abc's, can count to 17 on her own, knows colors and shapes... she knows what a hexagon is. True story. So smart... but, still, she does not want anything to do with that potty. The potty featuring Elmo in a snorkel --- and even some colorful fish. Some of her favorite things... but -- she says, "me no like the potty." Oh. Ok. She knows what it's for. I know she knows... and she knows I know that she knows. Yep. Maybe she is more clever than her mother.


All of these things that babies do are becoming a thing of the past. There's no more bottle - that hurt me WAY more than it hurt Emma. She didn't really care very much at all. She asked for it once I think. So that's good. She is still in her crib and she loves it. She literally asks for bed when she is tired. She usually says, "nap mama. Nap." Oh. Ok.  Of course the baths in the sink. Oh, they're the best. No more middle of the night feedings. They were over after just a few weeks, actually. There's much less cuddling and way more running around. She is not a fan of socks. Or shoes. And she loves bows in her hair. She'll ask for a bunch at once. Once time I had about 20 bows of all colors in her hair.. it was so cute! She loves wearing dresses. She LOVES to dance...  LOVES music.. can name every artist on my playlist.  But, she steers clear of the Elmo-flushing-potty chair. I bought her a book - it's about a little girl who goes on the potty. I say, "Emma, do you want to be a big girl like her?" "No", she replies. "Me no like it." Oh. Ok.  I even got myself a book. 'The no-cry potty training book' Waste of money. And I got it for free! 


Oh, and something I've recently learned - it's not only me trying to get her on the potty. My older girls and my husband are apparently having some type of competition to see who gets her on first! I mean come on. I'm sure they know I will win that contest!


The truth is, I thought I wanted her potty trained, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like such a huge step that kind of means my baby is getting big.  Me no like that!


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