Hot Wheels: Queen City Roller Girls on Daybreak

12:29 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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When he wasn't trying to decide on his roller derby name ("Kevin O'Steel?" "Mike Check?"  "Daybreaker?"), Kevin O'Neill was trying to avoid the dazzling but dangerous Queen City Roller Girls.


Several members from the local league rigged up an early morning demonstration of their competitive sport. Once highly choreographed for TV purposes (similar pro wrestling), roller derby is now a legitimate sport with two teams fighting to win.


Two videos are attached to this story. One is the second interview, and the other was the closing shot, where Kevin was at the bottom of a dogpile (THEIR term, not ours). We found the QCRGs to be delightful and gorgeous, and that's not just because we're a little afraid of them.

The website is


****  technical issue with the second video, we will fix it

(O'neill 11:30 AM)

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