Outreach Center Giving People Comfortable Place to Rest

6:33 PM, Apr 3, 2011   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, N.Y.- St. John's Outreach has organized a drive, but it's not for canned food or clothing.

"We have a waiting list of, what I want to say, is several dozen families, many with children, who at this point literally have nothing to sleep on," said Michael Boron, Director of the Outreach program. And it was the reality of Lockport's neediest children going to bed each night, only to dream of a more comfortable place to rest, that inspired a month-long bed and mattress drive.

In just a few weeks, organizers say they've collected more than a dozen mattresses.

"We only take in what we deem appropriate," said Boron. "We ask the question, would you want to sleep on it, would you want your children to sleep on it?"

Standards are high, but the demand is higher.

"The demand given the economy we're living through, is growing," said Boron.

Also growing: The 10-year-old girl who usually sleeps on a cot in her mother's home.

"She's been wanting a big bed for awhile," said her mother's boyfriend, Leonard Lowe, who accepted the delivery of her new mattress while her mother was at work.

"She'll be real happy when she comes home from school and sees this bed in her room," said Lowe.

The program has plans to focus on collecting a new item that families need each month. Though the economic recovery may be underway, Boron says there are far too many families in Niagara County still struggling.

"The stories I've seen and the situations I've encountered in my roughly 6 months here have been just eye-opening to me. I did not know such a world existed out here."

For more information on St. John's Outreach, click here.

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