More than 230 People Die in Brazil Nightclub Fire

10:39 PM, Jan 27, 2013   |    comments
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BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) - Police say there was only one way out of the nightclub in Brazil where a fire killed more than 230 people early Sunday morning.

An estimated 900 people were inside when the blaze erupted. Police say the majority of victims were trampled to death trying to escape, while a club employee says some suffocated as they sought shelter in the bathrooms.

At least 200 people were injured. The cause of the fire isn't known.

The incident happened in the city of Santa Maria in Brazil's southernmost state. It's a university town with a population of around a quarter of a million.

Santa Maria is university town located at the southern tip of Brazil near the borders with Argentina and Uruguay. It has a population of around a quarter of a million.

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