Close Up Look at Harborcenter Progress

7:31 PM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- It's a symbol of Buffalo's future, and many believe it holds a lot of promise for what this city can be. Wednesday, we got an up close look at work that's been completed on the HarborCenter project.

"This is moving probably as fast as any construction project anywhere in the country," says Cliff Benson who is the Chief Development Officer with the Buffalo Sabres.

"We want people to appreciate it's much more than a sexy, sizzly construction project. That this is just the beginning of what will be an incredible outcome," says HarborCenter President John Koelmel.

And, next fall, you will be able to experience HarborCenter for yourself. At least its four "Rs."

"The rinks, the ramp, the restaurant, the retail will all be opening or ready to open," says Koelmel.

Wednesday, we got a sneak peak at what HarborCenter's first phase will look like.

"This corner will be the sports bar. Right now, we're putting up the columns here to the left and behind me are the decks that are starting to go into place, so we'll have five levels of parking garage. The sixth level will be the two sheets of ice that we'll have and then we'll have the hotel that will go above that," says Kendall Nielsen with Mortenson Construction.

You will have to wait until 2015 for the hotel.

"We stand up in the window up in our office building every day and look down, so it's right in front of us. When you go to the middle of the site, it is dramatically different. The view is dramatically different. The energy because you got all the workers around is dramatically different. And, when you see the size and complexity of what's going on out there, I think you're going to be pretty surprised," says Benson.

When construction is complete, you will be able to drive around the entire building continuing the Cars Sharing Main Street project.

And, the entire area will be pedestrian friendly.

"Certainly, the idea is to create a hospitality area down here and the whole area's going to connect between what goes on across the street. What's going on down here, I think that's the ultimate goal," says Benson.

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