Anthony Taglianetti Trial: Opening Statements

11:21 AM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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MAYVILLE, N.Y. -  Opening statements in the trial of Anthony Taglianetti took place on Tuesday morning in a Mayville courtroom.

Taglianetti is the Virginia man accused of killing Clymer school superintendent Keith Reed last year.

Twelve witnesses took the stand on the first day.

Prosecution said Keith Reed and Mary Taglianetti are not on trial for their transgressions -- referring to their alleged affair.
District attorney David Foley gave a rough timeline of when Keith Reed was last seen up until the time Anthony Taglianetti was caught. Foley said police found a gun in Taglianetti's car that had Reed's blood on it Reed's ATM receipt was found near Reed's body.

He said Anthony Taglianetti killed Reed over an explicit e-mail and said we cannot condone killing of an individual for his involvement in an affair.

Defense attorney Nathanial Barone referred to prosecutors only as "the government" and said seven times "Rob Taglianetti did not kill/murder Keith Reed." Barone also called this a story of manipulation by Mary and Keith Reed. He called Mary a liar and master manipulator and talked about alleged explicit phone calls, texts and emails between Reed and Mary.

The first witness to take the stand was Reed's 21-year-old daughter Allison.   She broke down as she recalled the last time she saw her father on September 21.

The second witness, John Filhaver, who is now an adjunct professor at SUNY Fredonia.  Filhaver met Reed when he [Filhaver] was an Engineer doing business with the Clymer schools.  Filhaver had dinner with Reed on September 21.   Filhaver said he asked Reed how his love life was an Reed replied, "It sucks".

The third witness was a former student of Reed's, from when he was a principal at a school downstate.  She said on the stand that when she graduated, they had a 'close relationship'.

Cameras were allowed in court for opening arguments, but not during the rest of the trial.. We will post the video on this page as it becomes available.

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