Product Test: Topstyler

7:49 AM, Dec 13, 2011   |    comments
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Product Test: Topstyler

This was a popular request! We bought the Topstyler online at for $120, plus shipping.  We brought the product to HOT Hair Salon in North Java where Jenn, Lindsey and Alexis helped us out.

The product is a new spin on old fashioned hot curlers. The product comes in a hard carrying case. They take just a minute or two to heat up. Once they are hot, you simply roll your hair and clamp the shell-shaped product on top. The product comes with a booklet which shows various styles.

You leave the shells in until they are cool to touch. Our testers followed the directions and when the shells came out, Alexis was left with curly hair that lasted all day.

Our testers say this is a great product and worthy of the hefty price tag.

And a BIG thank you to the viewer who called this morning to let us know that you can buy Topstyler at -- you get twice as many shells (20) for only $99.99.

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