Top 5 things that will cost more in 2012

8:16 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As we say goodbye to 2011, the new year is going to bring some major price increases.

Knowing what to expect can protect your wallet in advance and the good news is that we'll end the year off with an incredible roundup of sales, which I'll post tomorrow.

I'll be sending out the biggest deals this morning and every week day via Twitter. CLICK HERE

#5: Airfare


Airfare is going to increase like you won't believe. Analysts predict increases of 5% for economy class, on top of the increases we've already seen this past year.

Although it has not officially been announced, many insiders expect increases to baggage fees, as well as onboard options and seat selection.

Business class seats are expected to increase by 7% according to American Express. Deal News flagged the incoming $5 per person "Green Tax" by the European Union as something to watch out for, affecting flights to the U.S.


#4: Digital Cameras


Blame the smartphone.

Fewer people are buying consumer-grade digital cameras, which means manufacturers will be producing fewer cameras, leading to fewer discounts.

The hot sales I flagged for $50 14-megapixel cameras from Olympus and Polaroid are likely to become a thing of the past, with scarce discounts from quality brands on Black Friday 2012.


#3: Laptops

Laptop prices will go up, directly affected by hard drive prices (more on this in our #2 item).

Tablets, on the other hand, (such as the iPad) that use flash storage are expected to remain stable in 2012.


#2: Hard Drives

Hard drive prices are already increasing as units fly off the shelves. We can blame the flooding in Thailand, which has stalled production. This will result in fewer discounts, creating some problems for the laptop industry.


#1: Gold

The price of gold is expected to achieve its 11th straight year of growth. Analysts expect it to rise roughly 12% in the new year, which will impact commercial items like jewelry.


Of course, I'm actively searching for discounts in each of the above affected categories and if you've been considering a purchase for any of the previously mentioned items, now and throughout January will be a great time to buy.


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