College Students Open New Grocery Delivery Business

5:53 PM, Jun 23, 2012   |    comments
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Williamsville, N.Y. - They're your typical college students with dreams and aspirations. Eric Bress and Robert Purkiss are not only childhood friends, but are now brand new business partners.

This week they launched Grocery Express Buffalo, a service where customers can place their grocery shopping list on their website.

Bress told 2 On Your Side that they will not only do the shopping for you, they will also deliver it to your door. 

"It's been very successful in other areas of the country and we want to test it out here. We think it would be great for this area," said Bress.

Wal-Mart is one such store that offers "grocery to go service," but it's not available yet in Western New York. Grocery Express Buffalo actually offers something unique compared to others.

"You can select the exact time you want your delivery which is unique from other places where there's some leeway in the time," said Bress.

Before attending Penn State, Bress took an entrepreneurial class in high school. He said this same business venture was his actual final project. A few weeks ago he shared this idea with Purtkiss who attends U-B.

"It give me the experience, and its good fun to do. We're having a great time doing it and I really like the feeling of being an entrepreneur," said Purkiss.

With three deliveries under their belt so far, the new partners are trying to build their business by marketing themselves to those who they feel are a forgotten customer base.

Bress elaborated by saying, "We think our main group of customers is the elderly. We've gone around actually to a lot of retirement homes and are trying to get possibly like a drop box system where the residents can write in their orders."

Orders Purkiss said will meet the highest of standards.

"If it's something I'll put in my fridge at home, and will eat myself then I'll choose one 10-times better than that and give it to the customer," said Purkiss.

The new partners say they will continue run their business when they both return back to school in the fall. Their immediate plan is trying to expand their business, hire some employees, and look for an office.

You can learn more about Grocery Express Buffalo by clicking here.

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