Lawn Tonic: Recipe to Turn Brown Grass Green Again

12:18 PM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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The hot, dry weather is painting Western New York lawns brown. 2 On Your Side's Heather Ly has provided us with a recipe for a Lawn Tonic that she says will turn that brown grass green again.

Lawn Tonic Recipe:

1 can of beer (regular, not light)

1 can of soda (regular, not diet)

1/2 cup dishwashing liquid (not antibacterial soap)

1/2 cup liquid ammonia

1/2 cup mouthwash

Mix it all together in a sprayer attached to your garden hose. The soda and beer act as food for your grass. The dish soap is also an ingredient in a lot of gardening recipes. For really brown grass, spray this concoction every three weeks.

Gladys Davis told us she swears by it.

"I passed it on to relatives out of town. Anyone who's talking lawns or really interested in their lawn. I've given them the recipe."

We've been sharing this recipe every year since our sister station in Denver, Colorado shared it with their viewers a few years ago.

If you try it, let us know what you think! Post your comments on our Facebook page, or email Heather Ly.

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