Amherst Girl Uses Talent To Raise $

11:46 AM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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Bella Coddington is an Amherst girl with a great imagination and a great work ethic. She was watching TV with her mom one day, when a commercial for childfund international came on, showing poverty stricken areas of the world.


 Bella explains: "then I saw poor people and they didn't have any money and they didn't have anything to eat".

And so the Coddington family decided to hold a charity art sale in their own home. Little sister Rosie made some masterpieces as well. Coddington family, friends, neighbors and co-workers attended the art sale. Guests could name their own price.

 In Bella world, anything is possible. She ende up raising over $1,000 thanks to her generous buyers!



Here's thewebsite for Child Fund International.








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