WNY Happy to Get the Snow

7:20 PM, Dec 23, 2012   |    comments
Photo Courtesy: YMCA Camp Weona
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BUFFALO, NY - The overall reaction to the snow seems to be a sense of relief and that perhaps, an early Christmas present has been given to those who appreciate winter weather and didn't get much snow last year.

Still, for those on the roads, it looks like the wind could still be a lingering issue.

Plows were taking care of the roads Friday night and into Saturday morning. Some drivers probably wished they weren't in the snow. Our news crews saw some vehicles on the highway in some ditches.

However, after most of the storm passed, it was all about cleaning up and hitting the slopes.

The Northtowns missed out on much of the snow, while the Southtowns got more of the white stuff.

Some people could be seen in places like Springville and Ellicottville, cleaning up their drive ways, shoveling and using their snow blowers. For example, Cattaragus County saw nearly a foot of snow.

"I'm out here trying to clean up the mess, I guess, of course it's a pretty mess," said one man.

His neighbor had a similar reaction, "[I'm] not happy to be shoveling, but it's nice to have some snow around Christmas."

Over at Ellicottville's major ski resort, Holiday Valley, the weekend has been busy with plenty of skiing enthusiasts. 

"We're hoping for a lot more normal winter this year, with more consistent conditions [and] consistent cold," said Jane Eshbaugh, the marketing director for the resort.

Holiday Valley wants this so they can build more snow bases, open up more slopes and have more skiers.

But these conditions are good. Of all the places to go and do a live shot, The Weather Channel chose Holiday Valley.

"Nobody can imagine we'd have two years in a row like we had last year, so everybody is just thrilled to see the snow and of course, we are too because that's what we do is weather," said Scott Newell, a meteorologist for the cable network.

Meantime, folks from the Northtowns have been going to the WGRZ Facebook page, saying they want more snow to head north next time around.



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