More Stomach "Flu" Cases Across WNY

5:26 PM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Erie County's health commissioner says it's the season for the stomach "flu", and there have been a number of cases of the virus around the area.

The CDC estimates 21 million cases pop up in the United States each year. If you're breaking down the odds, 1 in 15 people get the norovirus each year.  80% of the cases happen from November through April.

But there are ways to protect yourself from the very contagious virus.

Dr. Gail Burstein says hand washing is key.  Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water often.  She recommends lathering up for about 20 seconds each time.  If you cannot get to soap and water, an alcohol based sanitizer can work in a pinch - but hand washing is always the best.

You can hear more of Dr. Burstein's valuable norovirus information, by clicking on the video player above.

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